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Main Application Window
It is really easy to work with the program. As you start the program, you can see its interface window.

Main Application Window (Advanced)

User icon notification
Along with text information (the number of visits, the number of pages viewed and the time spent on the site), a visitor's icon may contain important information.

The visitor has filled in the chat form and is waiting for the operator's reply.

Settings form
Here you may set up Operator login information and other settings

Icon in the tray with the number of online visitors
It is a very useful function. Any time you can look at the tray icon next to the clock and see how many users there are on the site. A double click on the icon restores the application on the screen.

Popup notifications
Popup notifications appear when certain events occur, for example, when a new visitor comes to the site, when a visitor moves to a new page or leaves the site. You can either configure when popup windows should appear or disable them completely. It is also possible to display popup windows in different corners of the screen - upper-left, lower-left, upper-right, lower-right.