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Please, visit demo.livesupportzone.com to view how LiveSupportZone works

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How does LiveSupportZone work?

The LiveSupportZone tracks each visitor's actions and directs visitors. Our system is a powerful sales and consulting tool in real-time mode.

Your managers can now learn what visitors are on your site, what country they are from, and what chapter, site or e-shop they visit at any time. Consequently, managers can observe and learn the interests of each visitor.

The only action required is dialoging with each visitor. And now its available using LiveSupportZone!

To begin, visitors can agree to start a dialog. In this case, the operator's interface shows a new dialog window. The visitor also can refuse help. In this case, the manager would receive a corresponding message.

In addition, the manager can direct visitors through Web sites and at any moment try to dialog with the visitor. The manager learns not only visitors IP-addresses, but also their country, browser, and keywords that they used to access your site from search engines.

If you have goods or services on your site, you will know the interests of each visitor. As a result, you will know what services and goods you can propose to him or her.

Another function of our service is user consulting, technical support or simply addressing visitors questions.

The manager always knows when a new visitor appears and his path on the site. The manager only needs to click on a visitor to dialog with him. All managers work statistics are saved and available for peruse by the director.

All dialog archives are saved with filters using different parameters. This feature allows the director complete control of its operators work to evaluate its effectiveness.

The Archive also contains statistics for such parameters as:

  • where the visitor originates;
  • the visitors paths;
  • time spent by the visitor on each site;
  • and much more.

You get a competitive advantage over other sites because your site visiting becomes pleasant and the visitor feels your interest and attention to his needs.

LiveSupportZone is developed in such a way that it can be easily integrated into any site interface. It uses standard http protocol, which is why clients and operators can use our system even when software firewalls are used.

Operator's abilities

To start use LiveSupportZone, an operator must install the LiveSupportZone Window Application and setup LiveSupportZone PHP scripts at web server.

If your site visitor has any questions, he or she must click a special button on your site. The manager who is currently online receives a new dialog creation notification.

An operator also can observe a new visitor's appearance and direct its paths on the site.

  • The manager can know where the user comes from.
  • The manager can observe the visitors paths on the site.
  • The manager can dialog with the visitors.
  • The manager can answer visitors using template answers.
  • The manager can dialog with more than one visitor simultaneously and easily switch between them.
  • The manager can open pages to show goods and services on the visitor's screen.
Web site visitor's abilities

The visitor clicks button on the site.
The dialog window opens.
The visitor fills out all of the fields.
If the operator is online, a new dialog is opened.
The visitor dialogs with operator in this dialog window.
If the managers are offline, the visitor would be prompted to send a message to the support team. This message will be send to the managers via e-mail.

Text messages exchange

The manager and visitor can exchange text messages when the dialog is set.
To send information, enter the text in the 'Your message' field and click 'Send'.
The text will be inserted in the dialog box.
The visitor can send text messages to managers in a similar fashion.

Push HTML pages to visitor

Sometimes you need to direct visitors to one of your Web site pages. It may be not only the site's pages, but also pages created directly for online support or even other site pages.

To perform this operation, the manager must select the visitor that he want to direct to another page by entering the URL and clicking "Push".

This is a very useful function because it allows the immediate response to each user s needs.


Please, visit demo.livesupportzone.com to use LiveSupportZone in demo mode